Old Narva

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Gunnar Liestøl (creator)
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Old Narva is an AR puzzle that helps visitors in the old city of Narva, Estonia to visualize how the city's main square used to look like before it was destroyed during WWII. Viewers use their mobile device to scan the landscape and to connect and combine photos and 3D models of the old square. When the puzzle is complete, a colorful visualization of the past landscape is launched.  

This app demonstrates the AR category of Revival of Past. In this category, virtual contents is used to reactivate or enliven past events. This is not a documentation of events, but rather a digital reconstruction of the past, intended to make us ponder how the present is different from the past.

Read more:
Liestøl, Gunnar and Stenarson, Tomas. "Augmented Reality Authoring for Cultural Heritage Sites Using the Sitsim Ar Editor." Paper presented at the MW2019, 2019.

Liestøl, Gunner. "The Photo Positioning Puzzle: Creating Engaging Applications for Historical Photographs by Combining Mobile Augmented Reality and Gamification." In 3rd Digital Heritage International Congress (DigitalHERITAGE). San Francisco, CA, USA, 2018.
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Old Narva

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