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2010 – 2013
Stedelijk Museum (creator)
Jan Rothuizen (creator)
Layar AR (contributor)
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ARtours is a three stages project conceived and executed by the Dutch Stedelijk museum in order to maintain access and engagement with the institution and its collections while being closed for renovations for a duration of three years. The three sub-projects in ARtours include the students' exhibition Me on the Museum Square (2010), the ARthoteek at Lowlands Music Festival (2011), and a digital art exhibition by the artist Jan Rothuizen (2013). See the bibliography below for more information about any of these projects. 

This app demonstrates the AR category of Opening Space. In this category, digital content is integrated with actual environments to democratize locations from familiar meanings. Using AR in this way, places are becoming generally open to being inscribed with new perspectives and interpretations.  

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Schavemaker, Margriet, Hein Wils, Paul Stork, and Ebelien Pondaag. "Augmented Reality and the Museum Experience." Paper presented at the Museums and the Web 2011: Proceedings, Toronto, 2011.
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