The Promise and Pitfalls of Digital Medication

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U.S. Pharmacist
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July 18 2019
Tina Caliendo (creator)
Olga Hilas (creator)
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Journal Article
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In November 2017, the FDA approved the Abilify MyCite system. This drug-device combination product consists of aripiprazole tablets with an ingestible event marker (IEM) sensor and a wearable sensor patch that detects the signal from the IEM sensor after ingestion, which in turn transmits data to a smartphone application. Patients can use a Web-based portal to allow monitoring by healthcare professionals and caregivers for the purpose of tracking drug ingestion and adherence. Although this new digital technology provides a means to potentially enhance adherence and yield better patient health outcomes, ethical issues may arise for both patients and providers. US Pharm. 2019;44(7):22-24.
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