Apple Glass: Ultimate Rumor Roundup & What To Expect!

Publication Title
Apple Insider
Publication/Creation Date
May 20 2020
Andrew O'Hara (creator)
Jon Prosser (contributor)
Ming-Chi Kuo (contributor)
Media Type
News Broadcast
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Andrew O'Hara from AppleInsider discusses all of the recent rumours that surround the long-awaited release of Apple's smartglasses, reported to be called "Apple Glass". Originally predicted to be released in 2020 by Ming-Chi Kuo, the estimated dates now range from 2021 to 2023. Host of Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser, has just released new leaks and says that they will be released between March-June 2021. The video notes that the coronavirus pandemic may affect the release date.

It is believed that the AR glasses may act mainly as a visual display, with a smartphone performing all of the processing. The glasses may also be able to unlock your iPhone automatically. Previous leaks from iOs 13 and 14 codes have revealed that the system is codenamed "Starboard" (with a device codenamed "Garta").  The glasses may use LiDAR instead of cameras and may also be able to scan QR codes. 
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