Key establishment protocol for a patient monitoring system based on PUF and PKG

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October 21 2013
Brisbane Ovilla-Martinez (creator)
Arturo Díaz-Pérez (creator)
Juan José Garza-Saldaña (creator)
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A body sensor network (BSN) is wireless network over a person's body that can monitor their physiological functions. In the health area, the security of the transmitted information is of vital importance to the attention of a patient. One of the major problems for a monitoring application is the key establishment between the diverse entities in these systems. The generation of cryptographic keys using physiological functions can provide security communication in a BSN as an intra-BAN. The addition of Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF's) extends security to the destination information in the medical center placed beyond-BAN. This paper presents a new protocol using both technologies to establish a cryptographic key and provide security at different levels of communication. An implementation of our protocol is presented as a proof-of-concept in order to test the architecture.
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April 27 2020
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July 5 2021
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Brisbane Ovilla-Martinez, Arturo Díaz-Pérez, Juan José Garza-Saldaña. (October 21 2013). "Key establishment protocol for a patient monitoring system based on PUF and PKG". 2013 10th International Conference and Expo on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World (CEWIT). Fabric of Digital Life.