[CES 2020 Keynote] Step Into the Smart Home of the Future l Samsung

Publication/Creation Date
January 6 2020
Samsung (creator)
Federico Casalegno (creator)
Media Type
Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
During Samsung's CES 2020 Keynote about the "Age of Experience" and Samsung's imagining of the future, Dr. Federico Casalegno explains how "the combination of Bixby and smart innovations like Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, its food prep assistant, Bot Chef, and a new self-contained growing station that lets you enjoy garden-fresh produce from the comfort of home, will breathe new life into our kitchens". He also explores how Samsung is "combining hardware, software, AI and IoT to change how we experience entertainment "and that the home will evolve from "simple shelter to a living organism that understands your needs and connects [you] to the world".
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