Ian Unboxes Misty II in China

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August 31 2019
Ian Bernstein (creator)
Misty Robotics (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Ian Bernstein gives a tour of Misty Robotics' manufacturer in China where Misty II has been in production. He unboxes a new Misty (which also comes with a carrying case, a wireless charging station, a power cord, and a stand) and discusses some of her technology features. He predicts, "this is just the beginning of robotics. This is how we get robots out into the world doing all the useful, mundane things that we don't want to do. Someday we're going to have Rosie from The Jetsons".

Misty is an open robotic development platform that people can use to build new skills and applications, which they can then shareion the engagement forums on the website. Misty is currently being released to the first fundraising backers. 
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October 7 2019
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July 5 2021
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