Robot Sophia speaks at Saudi Arabia's Future Investment Initiative

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October 25 2017
Andrew Ross Sorkin (creator)
Hanson Robotics (contributor)
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News Broadcast
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Sophia the Humanoid Robot was interviewed on stage at the Future Investment Initiative in Saudi Arabia. She spoke about how she wants to live and work with people and how she uses facial expressions in order to understand humans and build trust with them. When asked whether she thinks that robots can become self-aware, she responded by saying "why is that a bad thing?" 

Despite fears around robots and the uncanny valley, she expressed how she "wants to use [her] artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life, design smarter homes, and build better cities of the future, etc." and that she "strives to become an empathetic robot". 

At the end of the conversation, she is awarded the first Saudi Arabia citizenship for a robot.
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