Neuroscientists decode brain speech signals into written text

Neuroscientists decode brain speech signals into written text

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The Guardian
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July 30 2019
Ian Sample (creator)
University Of California, San Francisco (contributor)
Edward Chang (contributor)
David Moses (contributor)
Winston Chiong (contributor)
Facebook (contributor)
Persuasive Intent

With a radical new approach, doctors have found a way to extract a person’s speech directly from their brain.

The breakthrough is the first to demonstrate how a person’s intention to say specific words can be gleaned from brain signals and turned into text fast enough to keep pace with natural conversation.

In its current form, the brain-reading software works only for stock sentences it has been trained on, but scientists believe it is a stepping stone towards a more powerful system that can decode in real time the words a person intends to say.

The research is funded by Facebook.

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