The new age of personalised robotics

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June 18 2019
Misty Robotics (creator)
Ian Bernstein (creator)
Scott Stein (creator)
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Web Series
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Robotics is no longer just the realm of roboticists with access to large laboratories and big budgets. With new advances in hardware and software techniques, and for the price of a computer, anyone can become the new Alan Turing! In this fireside chat as part of Collision 2019, Misty Robotics founder Ian Bernstein and CNET's Scott Stein explore how the next generation of roboticists can code a robot from home.

Berstein explains that we're just in the early development stage of robotics and that Misty is comparable to the "Apple II" of early personal computer adoption. of Misty is a robot development platform that is created to be open, hackable, expandable, and easily customizable. Developers can write code to build skills for Misty which can be applied to many different contexts - from home or office assistance, construction sites, eldercare, or education. 
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July 29 2019
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July 5 2021
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