Bose Automotive: SmartDrive concept

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March 7 2019
Bose (creator)
Kurt Heiden (creator)
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Corporate Video
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Bose AR is a way to automatically add a layer of audio, connecting your current location and surroundings to endless possibilities ─ for travel, learning, entertainment, gaming, and more. Using Bose Frames and content coming soon from third-party developers, you can conveniently and safely access information important to you, without reaching for your smartphone.

The SmartDrive Experience is a first look of what the future may hold for audio augmented reality in a car. Our CES SmartDrive concept demonstration illustrated the potential of Bose AR while driving. We are looking to the future and researching how this can also be done without wearables, by using head-tracking cameras and UltraNearfield headrest speakers.
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Location on Body

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May 9 2019
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December 14 2020
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