Love Death + Robots - Beyond the Aquila Rift Ending

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Love, Death + Robots
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March 25 2019
Alastair Reynolds (creator)
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Television Show
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After a rounding error brings their ship nearly 100 years off-course, Thom and his crew awake from cryostasis at a mysterious starbase led by his former lover, Greta. While his crew is put back to sleep due to extreme reactions to the situation, Thom attempts to get help from Greta to return home. After learning that something is amiss with both the station and Greta, Thom demands that Greta tell him the truth of where they are. Greta reveals that neither she nor the station is what he believes it to be, removing the simulation she placed him in. Thom appears old, decrepit, the station is a large spider web-like structure, and Greta is actually a spider-like alien. Thom re-awakens from cryo-stasis with his memory wiped, believing he had just arrived at the station.
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Netflix, Love, Death + Robots

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April 24 2019
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June 13 2019
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