Here's how 3D food printers are changing what we eat

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November 7 2017
Jonathan Chadwick (creator)
Lynette Kucsma (contributor)
Natural Machines (contributor)
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Companies manufacturing 3D printers designed to print food products are working towards a printer that could eventually be a normal household appliance. The printers could produce healthier products, less waste and nutritiously customized foods all at the touch of a button. The printers may prove to be beneficial in supplying food sustainably to the rising global population.

In the future, 3D printers could also be wirelessly connected to your wearables. Lynette Kucsma from Natural Machines says, "with 3D food printing, once you start talking years out, it's not just about the pretty designs and the automation aspect — it's about the customisation and nutrition aspect... [The 3D printer] knows from my wearable I went on a 5km run and I'm low on vitamin D and iron, and can pump up the nutrients in my breakfast bar".
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March 27 2019
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