UBTech Walker Hands-On: The robot butler we all need at CES 2019

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January 7 2019
Richard Lai (creator)
UBTech Robotics (contributor)
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News Broadcast
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Chinese tech company UBTech displayed their update to Walker, a friendly house robot. Roughly the size of an adult, Walker is able to help out around the house by performing tasks. In the demonstration, Walker was able to open a door, take a bag and hang it up, grab a drink and deliver it, when the demonstrator was leaving, Walker handed him an umbrella detecting that it would rain later.

Walker has a number of features making him perfectly suited to housework and looking after an aging senior population. While currently still in early prototype stages, the company believes that Walker could be commercially available in the near future.
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CES 2019, UBTech, UBTech Walker

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January 23 2019
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