Atlas Revealed: Boston Dynamics' DARPA Robot

Publication Title
IEEE Spectrum
Publication/Creation Date
July 16 2013
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA (contributor)
Gill Pratt (contributor)
Boston Dynamics (contributor)
Carnegie Robotics (contributor)
Chris Osterwood (contributor)
Todd Danko (contributor)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) (contributor)
R.J. Linton (contributor)
Stephen Cass (creator)
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News Broadcast
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Unveiling of Atlas robot, created by Boston Dynamics for the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Stephen Cass from IEEE Spectrum reports that, "the ultimate goal is to create robots that can respond to  dangerous emergencies such as a nuclear meltdown. At 1.9 meters tall and weighing 150 kilograms, Atlas can walk, grasp things with his hands, and study the environment with sensors in its head". 

Chris Osterwood, senior engineer at Carnegie Robotics states that, "it combines a spinning planar laser rangefinder along with a high resolution, high frame rate stereoscopic camera system, and it generates a gigabit per second of data, a very very high data rate, and about 20 million points per second from the stereo data".
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