How robots could help bridge the elder-care gap

Publication Title
The Conversation
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August 27 2017
Cynthia Matuszek (creator)
University Of Maryland (contributor)
Jenay Beer (contributor)
Pew Research Centre (contributor)
University Of South Carolina (contributor)
SoftBank Robotics (contributor)
Aldebaran Robotics (contributor)
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Despite innovations that make it easier for seniors to keep living on their own rather than moving into special facilities, most elderly people eventually need a hand with chores and other everyday activities.

Friends and relatives often can’t do all the work. Growing evidence indicates it’s neither sustainable nor healthy for seniors or their loved ones. Yet demand for professional caregivers already far outstrips supply, and experts say this workforce shortage will only get worse.

So how will our society bridge this elder-care gap? In a word, robots.
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