Star Trek: The Next Generation - Visual Acuity Transmitter

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Gene Roddenberry (creator)
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In this clip from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Geordi La Forge uses his visual acuity transmitter to allow the team on the bridge to experience how he sees and perceives his environment. Captain Picard exclaims, "Geordi, what's that?"..... Geordi smiles and replies, "that's Captain Riker!" Picard then explains what he sees, "to me it's just an undefined form standing in a visual frenzy. Can you filter out the extraneous information?" Geordi responds, "no, I get it all simultaneously...I select what I want and then disregard the rest". When Picard expresses confusion over this concept, Geordi explains further, "well, how in a noisy room can you select one specific voice or sound?" Picard, "of course, it's something you learn". 
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