My Special Aflac Duck

Publication/Creation Date
January 8 2018
Aflac (creator)
Sproutel (creator)
Aaron Horowitz (contributor)
Hannah Chung (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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My Special Aflac Duck, part of Aflac’s ongoing Aflac Childhood Cancer Campaign and developed by Sproutel, is an innovative, smart robotic companion that features naturalistic movements, joyful play and interactive technology to help comfort children coping with cancer. With a year of child-centered research behind it, My Special Aflac Duck is a part of Aflac’s 22-year commitment to providing care and support for children who have cancer. Aflac’s goal is to distribute this smart companion to the nearly 16,000 children in the U.S. who are newly diagnosed with cancers each year, free of charge.
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Robots, Robotics, Social Robots

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May 21 2018
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July 5 2021
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