<b>Akulik Amauti, 2017</b>
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Artifact no. 2017.0010
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Canada Science and Technology Museum

Akulik Amauti, 2017
Artifact no. 2017.0010
Canada Science and Technology Museum

Publication/Creation Date
Nunavik Creations (creator)
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Graphical Image
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Designed by Inuit women for baby-wearing, amautiit (plural of amauti) materially embody generations of Inuit knowledge and innovation. As such, this contemporary Akulik amauti—hand-crafted by Nunavik Creations in 2017—might be considered both one of the newest and one of the oldest wearable technologies represented in this collection. Like traditional amautiit, it features a large back pouch, fur-lined hood, and adjustable belt system. This permits the user to easily customize the shape of the amauti in order to accommodate children of various ages: from newborn to toddler. It also features a traditional long back tail to provide insulation for sitting on cold surfaces. Modern updates include a synthetic shell and removable Powderfil lining. The Akulik amauti was acquired as part of a partnership between Nunavik Creations and the Canada Science and Technology Museum in 2017.

Made in Inukjuak, Nunavik (Quebec), Canada.
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Entire Body
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Amautiit, Jackets, Parkas, Clothes
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Nunavik Creations

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March 23 2018
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Artifact no. 2017.0010
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