Black Mirror - Season 4 - Crocodile - Official Trailer

Publication Title
Black Mirror
Publication/Creation Date
November 26 2017
Charlie Brooker (creator)
Media Type
Television Show
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Objects Of Allusions
In Black Mirror's Season 4, Episode 3, "Crocodile" is an exploration of murder and memory. Shazia is an insurance investigator assigned to the case about a driving accident. Her main investigative tool is a machine called a 'Recaller', which has the ability to record the recalled memories (or "engrams") of witnesses, when the chip is embedded into their temple.

By scanning an accident victim's memories of the event, Shazia catched a glimpse of a woman looking out of her hotel window - a potential witness. Shazia tracks down the woman, Mia, and convinces her to use the Recaller in order to help with the case. Mia has a dark past though and cannot adequately suppress her memories. Shazia catches a glimpse of these images, which sets off a brutal crime spree. 
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Head, Brain
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Black Mirror, Netflix