Technocapitalist Disability Rhetoric: When Technology is Confused with Social Justice

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April 26 2017
Bonnie Tucker (creator)
University Of Michigan (contributor)
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Journal Article
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"Technocapitalist disability rhetoric participates in a more general neoliberal agenda as it reflects the recent shift towards corporate involvement in social rights movements, but it is unique insofar as it demonstrates how tech companies make use of disabled people for their own ends. Within this article, I first outline research that I build from in defining technocapitalist disability rhetoric; then, I complete a rhetorical analysis of two recent Microsoft ads aired during the 2014 and 2015 Super Bowls that serve as examples of technocapitalist disability rhetoric, making the case that these ads participate in a broader trend in the United States towards technocapitalist disability rhetoric in advertising, popular media, and design discussions."
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Eye, Leg
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February 23 2018
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March 29 2022
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