Abilify MyCite® Overview

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November 14 2017
Proteus Digital Health (creator)
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (creator)
Food And Drug Administration (FDA) (contributor)
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From the Press Release: 

ABILIFY MYCITE (aripiprazole tablets with sensor) is a drug-device combination product comprised of Otsuka’s oral aripiprazole tablets embedded with an Ingestible Event Marker (IEM) sensor. The ABILIFY MYCITE System includes: ABILIFY MYCITE, the MYCITE® Patch (wearable sensor); the MYCITE APP (a smartphone application); and web-based portals for healthcare providers and caregivers.

The system records medication ingestion and communicates it to the patient and healthcare provider. In addition, it can collect data on activity level, as well as self-reported rest and mood which, with patient consent, can be shared with the healthcare provider and selected members of the family and care team.
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Digestive Tract, Skin

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November 18 2017
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October 5 2021
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