Wearable device reveals consumer emotions

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MIT News
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July 12 2017
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) (contributor)
MIT Affective Computing Group (contributor)
MPath (creator)
Elliot Hedman (creator)
Rob Matheson (creator)
Rosalind Picard (contributor)
Empatica (contributor)
Boys And Girls Club (contributor)
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Press Release
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Humans experience a range of emotions in response to products and experiences on a daily basis. Shoppers may get excited for certain brands and then overwhelmed by choices. Audience members may oscillate between apathy and engagement during performances. Children can become frustrated, bored, or entertained while learning a new subject.

Using wearable stress sensors, analytics, and other technologies, MIT Media Lab spinout mPath is able to pinpoint the exact moment consumers feel these subconscious responses. In doing so, the startup has brought some interesting market research insights to major companies and organizations to help them refine their products and services.
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July 27 2017
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July 5 2021
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