Wrist-mounted vital functions monitor and emergency locator (Patent US4819860)

Publication/Creation Date
April 11 1989
James L. Hargrove (creator)
Lloyd D. Lillie (creator)
Arthur T. Whittaker (creator)
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Patent Abstract:

A wrist-mounted pulse rate and body temperature monitor has means for storing upper and lower emergency pulse rates and body temperatures by means of which an emergency medical situation is defined. When the monitor detects an emergency medical situation, an emergency signal is generated on standard emergency locator frequencies to alert search and rescue services. Means for automatically setting the upper and lower safe thresholds is provided. The device is particularly suited for use by individuals in remote areas where either the health of the individual or the environment create a higher risk to the survival of the individual.
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Location on Body

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June 29 2017
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January 28 2019
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