Black Mirror Season 1 - The Entire History of You - Ending scene

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Black Mirror
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December 4 2011
Charlie Brooker (creator)
Annabel Jones (contributor)
Barney Reisz (contributor)
Zeppotron (contributor)
Endemol UK (contributor)
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Television Show
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Black Mirror is a television series depicting the dark side of life and technology.

In Season 1, Episode 3, "The Entire History of You", people have "grains" implanted behind their ear which allow them to record everything they see and hear in their daily life. Using a remote control, they are able to re-watch (and rewind) all of their memories, which are streamed directly to their eye or a monitor.

After reviewing his memories and discovering that his partner has cheated, the main character decides to remove his implant with a razor and a pair of tweezers, thereby erasing all traces of her. 
HCI Platform
Relation to Body
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Ear, Eye

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July 5 2021
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