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Publication/Creation Date
September 10 2015
Galina Mihaleva (creator)
Luiz Zanotello (creator)
Nanyang Technological University (contributor)
University Of The Arts Bremen (contributor)
Re-flux (creator)
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The “reflux” is a unique couture dress that provides the wearer and the viewer a multi-sensorial experience and works with the synesthetic perception of movement. It deals with the intersection among design, art, and technology, seeking ways to sensitize an immanent virtuality to produce positive affects to a person's unique creative pulse. This new approach aims to surface the own subjective feelings of whoever accesses it through a liquid experience. It explored different techniques, such as shibori and laser cutting, materials and technologies, such as Lilypad Arduino, accelerometers, Xbee module, LiPo battery and conductive thread. As a result, an interactive textile interface is created that is capable of transmitting real-time data through the flexibility, mobility and fluidity of the dress.
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October 24 2015
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July 5 2021
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