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Emerging Technologies for Business Communication (2019)

Curator: Saveena (Chakrika) Veeramoothoo | University of Minnesota | December 2019
Archivist Team: Izzati Athirah Ab Razak, Emily Brandt, Elizabeth Dirksen, Kevin Eichhorst, Dinneen Graff, Haley Grode, Kate Hanson, John Harmon, Alexandra Heth, Elaina Howie, Paige Jensen, Wilson Longo, Horeb Mahmood, Madeline Protas, Meghan Ramsey, Reece
Sanders, Ellen Saurer, Grant Taff, Omot Toung, Sequoia Waters, Maggie Werkley, Wangna Xiong.

Collection Editor: Isabel Pedersen
Senior Archivists: Sharon Caldwell & Jack Narine

As technologies evolve, businesses make use of these new tools to address problems in business communication. This collection highlights technologies that would facilitate business communication. In particular, this collection focuses on two main areas of business communication: central storage and sharing of documents, and international and intercultural collaboration.

We showcase technologies that promote easy storage, sharing and collaboration. These include Google Translate, Grammarly, Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Slack, Google Docs,  OneDrive and Dropbox Business. Google Translate and Grammarly are currently pioneering the way for international business communication in a cheap and accessible manner. Virtual reality (VR) and chatbots can be implemented to improve intercultural collaboration and communication efficiency between internal employees. Slack makes conversations, files, and people searchable so as to make everything the team needs available on one platform.

Similarly, Google Docs allows team members to create and edit documents while simultaneously collaborating with one another.  Both Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Dropbox Business are cloud-based storage systems that allow team members to share documents with each other and store them in a single location, which can help solve issues surrounding information availability and accuracy, communication speed, visual consistency, and overall information quality within a business.
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