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Brain-Implanted Artificial Intelligence (AI) (2018-2020)

Curator: Isabel Pedersen, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) | August 2018 and ongoing

Collection Editor: Isabel Pedersen
Collection Archivists: Sharon Caldwell

This curated collection explores the idea of brain-implanted AI and the social issues that arise. One of the famous advocates for it, Elon Musk discusses plans for his Neuralink company and brain-implanted AI. He describes a symbiotic relationship between AI and humans. According to Musk, it will “enable anyone who wants to have superhuman cognition”. Kernel aims is to develop technologies to understand and treat neurological diseases in new ways. It will also interpret the brain’s complex workings in order to create applications towards cognitive enhancement. Memory Editing is one of the more controversial topics in the collection that explores posthumanism, transhumanism and human enhancement.  
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