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Contemporary Telepathics (2016-2023)

Curator: Isabel Pedersen | Start Date: November 2016, ongoing

This collection gathers representations relating to digital telepathy, digital telekinesis and the concept we term the Telepathic Sublime. In a study completed by Isabel Pedersen and Quinn DuPont, we argue that through a variety of multimedia representations, the rhetoric of contemporary telepathic devices is evolving. We stress the sense of desire that is present in the rhetoric. As these predictive visions filter down into popular media, news broadcasts, and public opinion, they further shape the narrative that perpetuates the emergence of these devices. The items below are media related to the above special theme and are listed in reverse chronological order. Examples include inventors’ conceptual videos, news articles, and social media posts. Please feel free to browse the collection and contact us if you’d like to suggest additions.​

Related journal publication:  
Isabel Pedersen and Quinn DuPont Tracking the telepathic sublime as a phenomenon in a digital humanities archive Digital Humanities Quarterly, vol 11 issue 4  2017 .

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