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Digital Translation Technologies for Healthcare Settings (2020)

Curator: Morgan Clarke | University of Florida | June 2020
Collection Editor: Isabel Pedersen
Acquisitions Editor: Laura Gonzales
Collection Archivist: Sharon Caldwell

Digital translation technologies are becoming more widespread and have the capacity to significantly improve communication and understanding among many people by reducing language barriers. Technology plays a key role within healthcare settings because translation technologies have made their mark in surmounting language barriers in hospitals and other healthcare environments. This collection will feature some articles about the use of digital translation tools within healthcare and how they operate within these locations. 

The collection includes web-based translation technology such as Google Translate and XTM Cloud because they are widely accessible to many people all over the world who may need to interpret health information, as well as mobile applications such as MediBabble, which helps doctors gather patients' symptoms and medical history in 5 different languages.  These portable products are also user-friendly as they are easy and convenient to use on the go and do not require extensive effort to set up.   

Wearable translators allow for more convenience when using the technology, and also make it more accessible as users do not need to constantly carry the tools around. The earpieces included are ideal for translation technology as they allow the speech to be translated right into the user’s ear. 

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