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VR as a Sales Tactic (2019)

Curators: Alison Campbell, Jonathan Peterson, Sam Schaust | University of Minnesota | December 2019

Collection Editor: Isabel Pedersen
Acquisitions Editor: Ann Hill Duin
Collection Archivists: Sharon Caldwell, Jack Narine

This curated collection explores how companies use VR (Virtual Reality) as a tool for selling physical products and experiences. The collection includes examples of companies that use extended reality (XR) experiences to increase consumer demand and influence buying decisions in everything from real estate to international travel. We provide examples of how companies can allow prospective customers to learn about, explore, and test products and experiences in a way that would be impossible if confined to just the physical world.

“Immersion” is at the center of each virtual reality experience. Companies are striving to connect with current and potential consumers by showcasing something newly created or provide them with a deeper perspective of their history, facilities, and their product or service. Where video filled this role in the past, organizations are now turning to virtual reality to provide an experience that is immersive, engaging and closer to life.

Central to the idea of virtual tours and experiences in VR is access. Consumers, whether constrained by the space around them or the affordability of a trip in the real world, can now “transport” themselves to an environment, such as courtside “seats” to a basketball game.

With the ubiquity of smartphones and the affordability of consumer-focused VR headsets, the potential for VR experiences to reach consumers is encouraging professional sports leagues, service providers, and product designers to provide impactful experiences built to leave a deep and lasting impression.

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