Does My BOT Look Big in This? Soon We’ll Be Wearing Soft Robotic Pants

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February 24 2015
Victoria Turk (contributor)
Jonathan Rossiter (creator)
University Of Bristol (creator)
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"It’s like an extreme version of wearable tech: wearable robotics. But it’s not just for playing Transformers; robotic clothing could give the disabled or elderly greater mobility, perhaps even offering an alternative to a wheelchair—starting with a pair of pants. Today, the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council announced funding ( for three research projects in healthcare tech, one of which aims to create a pair of “smart trousers” that could help people live more independently. The project, which was awarded £2 million, is being led by Jonathan Rossiter of the University of Bristol’s robotics laboratory. ( He said they hope to create different wearable devices, such as a shirt, but are starting with the lower body, where they aim to help people move in ways they couldn’t before."
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Knee, Leg, Thigh

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March 2 2015
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May 24 2018
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