Eyeborg 2004

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Adam Montandon
Publication/Creation Date
October 21 2009
Adam Montandon (creator)
Neil Harbisson (creator)
Media Type
YouTube Clip
Persuasive Intent
Adam Montandon has created a new device called "Eyeborg" that allows people with visual impairments, and even total blindness, to experience the world in colour. The inventor has built a system that hijacks Neil Harbissons other senses by allowing him to see colour through his ears. It works with a head mounted camera that reads the colours directly in front of a person, and converts them in real-time into sound waves. The producer claims that the eye-borg creates a new sensation, a cyborgian extension of the human perception system residing in both the brain and the hard-drive.
HCI Platform
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Location on Body
Head, Ear
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July 8 2014
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October 7 2019
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