Samsung's New Robots and Exosuits First Look at CES 2019

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January 8 2019
James Trew (creator)
Samsung (contributor)
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At CES 2019, Engadget reporter James Trew states that, "if we were promised two things from the future that we're really excited about but have yet to be delivered, it's gotta be the bionic suit and the personal robot butler. Fortunately for us, Samsung is working on it - well, sort of, kind of - with its new line of robots at CES". 

Trew briefly explores the 3 new robots - Bot Care, Bot Air, and Bot Retail. He compares Bot Retail to Softbank Robotic's Pepper. He also demonstates Samsung's GEMS (Gair Enhancing and Motivating System) exoskeletons, which assist with mobility: walking, stair-climbing, speed, and balance.

Samsung provided no information about when (or it) any of these products will come to market or how much they will cost. 
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January 15 2020
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January 15 2020
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