After Nearly a Decade of AWE, Founder Ori Inbar Unpacks the Past, Present, & Future of Augmented Reality

Publication Title
Next Reality
Publication/Creation Date
May 9 2019
Adario Strange (creator)
Ori Inbar (contributor)
Persuasive Intent

In just a few weeks, on May 29, the annual AWE (Augmented World Expo) conference will take place once again in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, California, to be exact).

And while everyone will be on the lookout for the next big thing in augmented reality coming from major players and small startups alike, now, on the possible eve the dawn of Apple's AR wearables, is the perfect time to take a reflective look the best known AR gathering in the industry.


To that end, I managed to get AWE founder Ori Inbar (also the founder and managing partner at investment firm Super Ventures) to me about keeping the AR flame alive for him and the event for nearly a decade.

We covered a wide range of issues, including what's changed about the AR space, what needs to change, and what we both see coming up on the AR horizon.

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