The Future is Now - Jetson's Motokicks (and Lora DiCarlo's Ose)

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Fox 26 Houston
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January 9 2019
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At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a fancy device won a robotics innovation award, but the honor was taken away when organizers realized it was a vibrator. In a statement to The Next Web, the Consumer Technology Association said the device violated a rule and was disqualified based on the item being deemed immoral, obscene, indecent or profane. Critics of the decision point out that "booth babes" and "sex toys" are allowed at the conference and should be allowed to qualify for innovation awards.

Who else remembers Heelies, the shoes with pop-out wheels? Technology review website Tom's Guide shared video of Jetson's Motokicks, miniature hoverboards that you can slip on your shoes. The product costs $200 and can move at 7 mph for up to six miles per charge.
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