The Techlash is Coming

Publication Title
The Globe and Mail
Publication/Creation Date
October 19 2018
Marcel O'Gorman (creator)
Thalmic Labs Inc. (contributor)
Stephen Lake (contributor)
Steve Mann (contributor)
Google Inc. (contributor)
Nat Wei (contributor)
Graffiti Research Lab (GRL) (contributor)
Tempt1 (contributor)
Hal Varian (contributor)
Tristan Harris (contributor)
University Of Waterloo (contributor)
North Inc. (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
This September, yet another patent was approved for Kitchener, Ont.-based Thalmic Labs’ top-secret “wearable heads-up display with integrated eye tracker.” Now there are rumours of a possible pre-Christmas product launch. Anyone familiar with the Google Glass fiasco will likely roll their eyes at this news. Or maybe their eyes will pop out of their heads in excitement. Either way, the eyes have it.

For Google Glass, it was neither the eyes nor the “ayes” but the “nays” that had it: The Google goggles were voted down by the so-called Google Glass Explorers, early adopters who paid US$1,500 for the wearable and subsequently trashed it. One Explorer called it “the worst product of all time,” and it wasn’t long before the colourful term “glasshole” inspired a sub-genre of vindictive memes. What’s worse, some Glass wearers reported cases of physical and verbal abuse. Google has humbly reimagined its glasses, targeting enterprise users. The new product is more likely to be spotted on stock clerks in suburban warehouses rather than on hipsters downtown.
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