Deaf Culture Is Shifting As Hearing Tech Gains Traction

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February 8 2017
Douglas Ridloff (contributor)
Thomas Roland (contributor)
St. Joseph's School For The Deaf (contributor)
New York University (NYU) (contributor)
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[Video Description: VICE explores the use of cochlear implants and their impact on Deaf Cuture, American Sign Language, and children's education.

They interview the hearing mother of 4-year-old Miriam, who was born deaf. Her mother has decided not to teach her daughter ASL, opting for hearing aids and later, a cochlear implant. The video documents the moment that her daughter's implant is first activated. 

The narrator states that, "cochlear implants are effective in more than 80% of cases and are covered by most insurance plans. While the implants have given many children the ability to hear, some say that children who don't learn sign language are losing an opportunity to connect with Deaf Culture". 

Douglas Ridloff, an ASL kindergarten teacher at St. Joseph's School for the Deaf in New York, discusses the importance and significance of sign language and education. Enrollment to Deaf schools have decreased significantly since the emergence of cochlear implants. One of the students in Douglas' classroom is 5-year-old Xavier. His hearing mother discusses her decision to decline cochlear implants after seeing how much Xavier was thriving in the classroom. She says that her son is very proud of who he is.]
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