This sensory wearable is designed for flirting

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March 24 2017
Natasha Lomas (creator)
The Royal College Of Art (contributor)
Imperial College London (contributor)
Huishan Ma (contributor)
Jonathan Rankin (contributor)
Lyle Baumgarten (contributor)
María Apud Bell (contributor)
Persuasive Intent
“Ripple is a wearable extension of your body for the future of dating, which calculates who in a room is attracted to you,” they write. “When it finds someone, it gives you sensorial feedback, reflecting the excitement you feel when meeting someone special. If the attraction is mutual then it’s tentacles will move in reaction to their gaze, amplifying the language of seduction between the two people.”
HCI Platform
Location on Body
Technology Keywords
Cameras, Sensors, Gaze Tracking

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March 13 2018
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March 13 2018
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