Ant-Man: Bathtub

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June 29 2015
Marvel Studios (contributor)
Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) (contributor)
Marvel Comics (contributor)
Ant-Man (contributor)
Peyton Reed (contributor)
Kevin Feige (contributor)
Edgar Wright (creator)
Joe Cornish (creator)
Adam McKay (contributor)
Paul Rudd (contributor)
Stan Lee (creator)
Larry Lieber (creator)
Jack Kirby (creator)
Christopher Beck (contributor)
Russell Carpenter (contributor)
Dan Lebental (contributor)
Colby Parker, Jr. (contributor)
Media Type
Feature Film
Persuasive Intent
Thief Scott Lang must aid his mentor Dr. Hank Pym in safeguarding the mystery of the Ant-Man technology – which allows its user to decrease in size but increase in strength – from various new threats, and plot a heist that will save the Earth.
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Entire Body
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August 20 2015
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February 8 2017
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