Nostalgia Comes to Augmented Reality with Pokémon Go

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Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
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July 12 2016
Michael Williams (creator)
The Pokémon Company (creator)
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Smartphone App
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Pokémon won the hearts of children and teenagers alike when it was released in 1996. Now, 10 years later, Pikachu and the gang are back with Pokémon GO.

The free-to-play augmented reality game lets players hunt for the titular creatures using their smartphones, thanks to GPS and location-based algorithms. However, unlike the original video game series, Pokémon GO requires actual movement. Players must travel to digital gyms and PokéStops located throughout their cities to level up and catch ’em all. 
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Location on Body
Not On The Body
Games, Nostalgia
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Pokémon, Pokémon Go

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