The Dash Pro

Publication Date
May 17 2017
Bragi (creator)
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Corporate Video
Persuasive Intent
The Dash Pro compises wireless in-ear headphones that play music. It has an integrated  integrated storage system, the MP3 player of The Dash Pro offers storage for up to 1000 songs. The Dash Pro understands whether you are running, cycling or swimming so you can keep track of workouts automatically. During your exercise, an "on-board activity coach" keeps the wearer motivated with realtime feedback. It tracks vitals such as standard heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and tracks activity. The Dash Pro translates to more than 40 languages in real-time with The Dash Pro's enhanced translator skill.
HCI Platform
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Location on Body
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The Dash Pro, Dash, Bragi

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