Breakthrough for Electrode Implants in the Brain

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Lund University
Publication Date
October 9 2015
Fotios Tsanakalas (contributor)
Annika Friberg (contributor)
Palmi T Thorbergsson (contributor)
Lina M E Pettersson (contributor)
Jens Schouenborg (creator)
Johan Agorelius (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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Researchers at Lund University have developed a implantable, flexible, biofriendly, multichannel electrodes that can capture signals from single neurons in the brain over a long period of time — without causing brain tissue damage, making it possible to better understand brain function in both healthy and diseased individuals.
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Fotios Tsanakalas, Annika Friberg, Palmi T Thorbergsson, Lina M E Pettersson, Jens Schouenborg, Johan Agorelius. (October 9 2015). "Breakthrough for Electrode Implants in the Brain". Lund University. Fabric of Digital Life.